Postpartum Support

We all know our current infrastructure in this country doesn't provide new parents the level of support they actually need. Doula's are here to help fill that gap as we move back to a culture where post-birth care is truly community based and done by many. Ancient systems of support live in our DNA and we can help revitalize these care systems by ensuring our birthing people get the after-care they so deeply deserve. There are many ways postpartum doulas can support you so each person's support is different.

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What My Postpartum Services Can Include:

Support in Self Care

This can be a hectic time and can be extremely easy to forget all the ways you need to take care of yourself. I'm here to allow you the space to tend to yourself. This care is deeply restorative during the postpartum time and is a crucial part of your recovery. I can help you build routines and plans around how to make sure you continue to care for yourself while navigating daily life with a newborn.


Everyone's postpartum journey is unique, there are plenty of books out there but YOU know your body and what best supports your recovery. This whole experience elicits growth and new information abounds. I will help you gather the information that best suits you regarding breastfeeding, pumping, formula, swaddling or building daily routines. We can talk through any other challenges or concerns that arise so you feel at ease and affirmed in your postpartum experience.

General Tasks & Errands

Whether it's getting laundry done for you, disinfecting bottles, or taking the little one out for a walk, I've got you covered. I'm here to support all the everyday tasks that can quickly fall to the wayside so you can enjoy this sacred time with your baby. Making trips out for the first time can feel like a hassle so let me tag along and assist while you get the hang of having extra little beings with you while you get things done. If that feels like too much, I'd be happy to do a grocery shop or trip to the store for you.

Newborn Care

I have the pleasure of working with many families in their postpartum time and am joyed to share information and hands-on support for every aspect of parenting. Get those questions ready, I'm happy to answer or do the research for you if it's not something I'm familiar with. This includes bathing, diapering, sleep solutions, soothing techniques, baby wearing, nursery organization, and so much more. I am also very passionate about elimination communication and love to help families introduce this concept into their early days to support long term potty goals.


Wow. You probably knew about the late nights and lack of sleep but it can still be a shock when it arrives. Waking up every two hours can be quite disruptive to so much of our functioning: physically & mentally. I can help establish healthy sleep routines for baby, do the night feedings (or bring the baby to you to nurse when hungry). My goal is for the whole household to get the rest you need to create a sustainable lifestyle.


Types of support I can offer:

  • Overnight newborn care

  • Daytime postpartum care

  • Daily Routine building

  • Expansive newborn care knowledge

  • Feeding support and education

  • Partner and family adjustment

  • Sibling support​

  • Elimination Communication

  • Connection to local services and resources 

  • Baby preparation and planning

  • Pampering and relaxation

  • Overnight newborn services

  • Newborn travel assistance

  • 24/7 text & virtual support


Sun Service

$36 per hour

Let's ease this transition for you so you get all the care you need. I can assist with baby's care along with any household to-do's. We'll help you revel in the joys of family building and leave the rest to me. Daytime support can be in addition to overnight support as well.

We will customize your postpartum plan to best suit your support needs - it could be one day a week or all seven! Day shifts are 4 to 5 hours.

Night Owl

$42 per hour

Nighttime can be the biggest shock to a postpartum family. Lack of sleep really impacts our mental & physical health... and newborns like to wake up every 2-3 hours! You might be exhausted, recovering, trying to manage feedings, along with all the other care newborns require around the clock. Postpartum overnight support allows you to get much needed sleep and rest while I take care of everything else.


My Night Owl service includes 8 to10 overnight hours per shift. Hours are customized to your families wants and needs. Rates start at $42 per hour depending on travel and multiples.